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I, the undersigned, have read, and hereby accept the information contained on the Seascape Private School/Malibu Cove website, including the refund policy stated on the Admissions page, and agree to its terms. I also understand that Malibu Cove High School's programs are considered a "full curriculum package" which includes tuition, and sold as such. If I, the undersigned, choose to pay the program in monthly installments instead of in full, all payment obligations must be met before I will receive any of the following: transcripts, diplomas or graduating to the next grade level. Please note: After the initial 15 day refund period, the program is due and payable either in monthly installments or in full. Please be advised; if paying in installments, this contract is binding. If, for any unforeseen reason, you should choose to withdraw from the course, the remaining program fee will be due upon withdrawal notice.

Tuition Fees:


Grades 9-12:   $335.00 payment submitted with enrollment, and nine monthly payments of $80.00.

Accelerated High School Program:  $385.00 payment submitted with enrollment, and nine monthly payments of $100.00.  (Students can complete their minimum high school credit requirements and graduate within eight months! An official transcript and diploma are conveyed upon successful completion) 

Online Program 9-12: $140.00 payment submitted with enrollment, and 6 monthly payments of $70.00.

(A 3% fee is included for online payment. If paying by check you may print the forms and subtract fee from payment)

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