Before we begin the tour of our online campus,
a message from our Administrator and Contributing Academic Consultant,
J. Alfonso, BS Edu     Jim Andersen, Ph.D Edu

Dear Prospective Student,

Education makes a difference.

For many students school has become a battlefield. A place where students declare war against their own peers and teachers alike. Bringing weapons to school has become all too common. And it seems, with more and more violence breaking out across our country, the war has just begun. Some time ago student's daily struggles were limited to dealing with school bullies. Now going to school has become much more serious a threat. From bullies to bullets, students now face the fear of serious physical harm.

How can students prepare themselves for their future? Malibu Cove High students are accomplishing this every day. Our students work at their own pace, make important connections, and excel academically, all towards achieving their goals. Our accredited high school helps students develop practical life skills they can take wherever life leads them.

At Malibu Cove High, students are provided with a solid curriculum program and supported by a faculty and staff committed to their success. Malibu Cove's teacher support is available at no additional cost to all homeschool students enrolled in our program. This invaluable service provides the student with instructional support whenever it may be needed. Via phone, fax or email, MCHS is with you every step of the way!

Malibu Cove High students benefit from a professionally selected and well-written curriculum specifically designed to work well in a homeschool environment. Malibu Cove High School is one of the few places to offer educational materials for gifted students as well as those with special needs. If you need more information about transitioning into MCHS from your current school or home education program, please contact our Admissions Office at (805) 267-4818 or email link on the left.

Take a moment to learn more about our services and what they can do for you and your future. In addition to our regular high school programs we offer an "Accelerated Program" for students 16 yrs or older. This unique program allows students to complete all of their high school requirements, graduate and receive their high school diploma within one year.

Please join us for an online tour and learn more about Malibu Cove High School's courses, tuition, enrollment and more! Choose any link above to begin.


Joanne Alfonso, BS Edu