We offer a complete customizable curriculum for grades 9th through 12th.

An official transcript of grades is given at the end of the course year.

Student assignments are graded every four weeks. If the student has done poorly on an assignment, it will be returned to them within 5 days with suggestions for improvement. They will have the opportunity to re do the assignment and bring up their grade.

An attendance sheet is included with the program, to be filled out and sent back to MCHS at the end of the course.

Year-end standardized testing and evaluation are offered to all enrolled students. (Tests are graded and evaluated by a professional scoring service or trained school staff.)

Students may pay their yearly tuition fee all at once or they may choose our interest free payment plan.

A cumulative record for each student is kept on file This includes; progress reports, materials list, report cards, test results, parents/staff comments, etc.

School generally starts in September and ends in June, although students may enroll and begin at anytime of the year.

Our Admissions office may be reached by phone at: (805) 267-4818 or by email at: Admissions.

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The American Association Of Distance Learning